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Neon Nights - Terms of Trade

  1. Warranty:

1.1 Neon Nights offers a 1-year warranty on electrical components, excluding indoor signs exposed to water, from the date of purchase.

1.2 Any defects covered under the warranty will be repaired or replaced at Neon Nights' discretion.

1.3 The client understands that any costs associated with removal, re-installation, or freight, even in the case of a product defect, will not be covered by Neon Nights.


  1. Returns and Exchanges:

2.1 Due to the unique nature of custom orders, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please consider this before placing your order.


  1. Intellectual Property:

3.1 Artworks provided by Neon Nights are our intellectual property, shared for your assessment before accepting the quote.

3.2 Unauthorised use or reproduction of our artwork violates our copyright and may lead to legal consequences.


  1. Client Responsibilities:

4.1 Ensure your designs, specifications, or instructions do not infringe patents, registered designs, or trademarks.

4.2 Neon Nights may use created documents, designs, and images for marketing purposes with your consent.


  1. Payment Terms:

5.1 Agree to the payment terms stated in the invoice.

5.2 Payment methods include cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit card (with a surcharge), or any agreed method.

5.3 Quoted prices are exclusive of GST; you're responsible for applicable GST payments.


  1. Delivery and Risk:

6.1 Delivery is complete when you or your nominated carrier takes possession at Neon Nights' address.

6.2 Risk transfers to you upon delivery; it's your responsibility to insure the Goods.


  1. Equipment Hire:

7.1 Equipment remains Neon Nights' property and must be promptly returned in the same condition.

7.2 You're liable for any damage or replacement costs.

7.3 The client is responsible for the safekeeping of the Equipment, ensuring it adequately, and indemnifying Neon Nights against any loss or damage.


  1. Privacy and Personal Information:

8.1 You consent to Neon Nights collecting and using your information for credit assessment and marketing.


  1. Changes and Cancellations:

9.1 Changes to specifications may incur additional charges.

9.2 Neon Nights reserves the right to refuse inappropriate or unlawful work.

9.3 Cancellations may result in charges for work completed or materials used up to that point.


  1. Consequences of Default:

10.1 Overdue invoices may incur 2.5% interest per month.

10.2 Neon Nights may suspend or end the supply of Goods/Equipment if you breach any obligations, without liability for any resulting losses.


  1. Client’s Disclaimer:

11.1 You acknowledge that Goods are purchased based on your judgement, disclaiming any right to rescind or sue for misrepresentation.


  1. Defects and Returns:

12.1 Inspect Goods upon delivery and report defects within three (3) days.

12.2 Defective items may be replaced or repaired at Neon Nights' discretion.


  1. Privacy Act 1993:

13.1 You consent to Neon Nights collecting, using, and disclosing your information for credit assessment, debt collection, or marketing purposes.


  1. General:

14.1 Neon Nights reserves the right to amend these terms, with changes taking effect upon notification to you.

14.2 Neither party will be liable for events beyond their control, such as natural disasters or strikes.


  1. Governing Law:

15.1 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New Zealand and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Hamilton Courts.

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