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How big should my sign be?

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Neon Size Guide Reference Chart

Neon Nights Neon Sign Size Reference Guide

Signage letter height visibility

Sizing and Dimensions

Size Matters
Finding the right size not only makes your sign look gorgeous, but it also helps maximize the space you have, the bigger the sign the easier it is to see and read. Learn how you can get the perfect size for your neon by following the steps below.


What size should I order?
For help with sizing, we highly recommend checking out our sizing page {link to faq} here! We offer helpful tips on the process, to provide you with recommended size based on the distance your sign should be easily read from seeing the table below.


Are dimensions for the design or the acrylic backboard?
All of our dimensions are given as measurements of the backboard, so the size you order is how much space you'll have on your wall for your sign to hang.

They've always been listed in order of Width Ă— Height for all of our sign styles.

  • Width is measured side-to-side.
  • Height is measured top to bottom.
  • Depth is measured front to back

When measuring your wall to determine the size you need, we recommend you measure the dimensions of the area with a ruler or tape measure. It’s always better to have a little bit larger than too little!

Bonus Tip

Since our neon tube can only be bent so tightly. We will have a minimum size, this will vary depending on your design or the font style you have chosen. If you'd like to know the smallest size we can do for your design, please reach out and tell us about the sign type you're interested in. You can submit all your requirements on the {link}custom order page. This helps us trace your design and calculate the most accurate outside measurements for you.

Please note: There is a tolerance of +/- 0.30cm on all measurements due to the custom manufacturing process.

Are the dimensions I pick precisely what I will receive?
We use CNC machine cutting and digital printing techniques in production. While we make every effort to ensure that your dimensions are as you see them in your proof, there can be up to +/- 0.30cm variance during the manufacturing of the product. We recommend that you allow for this in your sizing choices.

What should I use as a reference measurement?

When you request pricing for a different size, use the width of the sign as the reference measurement. We will scale your design proportionally so that the width will match the measurement you give us.

Is there a minimum size that you need to work to?

We work to a minimum letter height of 6cm. Letters 10cm or larger do tend to look neater and have more definition. Minimum sign size of 50cm in width, and usually work up to 300cm wide - feel free to contact our customer support team with additional questionsHow big or small can we make your sign? Weddings, events, business, in your home - small, medium, big & even BIGGER - we can make it a reality! What size should I order? Are the dimensions I pick precisely what I will receive?

How far away will the letters on my neon sign be readable?

As a general rule of thumb, for each centimetre of letter height, your letters will be legible up to 46 metres away. The following chart shows some standard letter heights and their maximum readable distances.How big or small can we make your sign? Weddings, events, business, in your home - small, medium, big & even BIGGER - we can make it a reality!

Letter HeightMax. Readable Distance
10 cm46 m
12 cm58 m
15 cm69 m
20 cm92 m
25 cm115 m
30 cm138 m

What's the smallest you can make neon text?

Our minimum width is 50cm. Yes, it may be possible to make signs less than 50cm. It's our minimum for good reason. The neon tube is 6mm thick and must be bent to shape by hand. We'll need enough space to create the design. You can look at edge-lit signs as an alternative to led neon flex for signs smaller than 50cm.

Size parameters

What's the minimum neon text size?

  • The minimum size for each single stroke letter is 6cm.
  • The minimum size for outlined (double line) letters is 20cm per letter.

Signboard Sizes

What's the maximum acrylic board size? The maximum signboard size is 2x2 metres

What's the biggest sign you've made? Using block posters or titled printing techniques we can split a larger sign into smaller to create massive murals.


Working with Neonnights you are not confined to pre-made stock sizes. Give us the dimensions, and we can do the rest! If you have specific needs or special requirements for exterior applications, let us design a unique neon sign for you.

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