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Why Neon Flex Has Quickly Outpaced Traditional Neon Lights in Production

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From dazzling billboard advertisements and multi-coloured storefront signage. Glass neon has been popular for signage and decorative light for a long time.

Whether people are on the ground or in another building looking out.Neon lighting found around the city is bright and colourful. The vivid colours are easy to see when the sun goes down. This makes businesses visible and helps them attract attention. 

What most people don’t know is that glass neon is not an excellent choice any more. It has a lot of drawbacks both in installation and use. Installers can wait up to a month before manufacturing is complete. This is before they start the delicate installation work begins. A slight crack might lead to scrapping the entire sculpture. Glass is fragile if damaged during transit, installation or in rough weather. The sign will be out of commission for a long time before repairs are complete. Glass neon costs 0.29 watts per cm and needs high voltage transformers to function.

Neon lights are bright and attractive. This is why it is great for commercial lighting applications. Aesthetics isn’t the only benefit to upgrading to LED Neon. Compared with glass neon. Neon Flex is easier to cut and bent to shape. All shaping is done by hand, installation is so fast.

LED Neon Flex is an innovative new product and the perfect substitute for glass neon. Engineered to project light 360° around to emulate glass neon’s light's back glow effect. It is brighter than glass neon and available in a wide variety of colours. This makes Neon Flex the ideal replacement for glass neon.

  • Neon Flex as a direct replacement to traditional glass neon. 
  • Neon-Flex has more lumens and strong housing to protect the sign from breaking. 
  • Compared glass neon LED Neon-Flex is brighter and uses 6.6 times less power.

Neon Flex is flexible and can be bent at any angle needed all this by hand. Compared to glass neon, LED Neon Flex is easy to cut, does not require special training or tools to shape. Installation is fast, reducing labour costs and project lead time. Neon Flex encases LED in a clear weatherproof material which is very safe to handle and work with. It is cheap to run, only consuming 0.04 watts of electricity per cm compared to 0.29 watts for glass neon. It is safe, all materials are non-toxic. Flexible neon does not contain mercury and phosphorus; these are only present in glass neon.

Features and benefits of LED Neon-flex include:

  • low voltage and low energy consumption
  • high and uniform brightness
  • long lifetime and durability
  • flexibility and safety
  • easy transportation and installation.

Neon has long been mainstream but it’s known for technical weaknesses these include:

  • Complicated installation and fragile glass nature
  • Potential shock hazard and toxic gases
  • High maintenance cost and power consumption.

Illuminated signage improves the effectiveness of business signs. Providing more visibility to advertisements day and night. Neon Flex gives you the energy-saving illumination LEDs are famous for.

For years, glass neon has been the mainstream signage for Illuminated outdoor signs. The situation has changed since Neon Flex was introduced in 2006. It has fast become your best solution to substitute the neon-glass light.

LED neon lighting was first introduced in 2006. It started out with one product now there are a good deal of flexible neon lighting options. Some products include neon rope lights, neon strips, RGB, LED light tubes and many others. 

There are a few benefits LED neon lighting offers over traditional neon lighting. The biggest benefit is that it is much more energy-efficient. It also requires less maintenance and is more durable than traditional neon lighting. LED Neon offers longer life and is safer to use than traditional neon lighting.

LED Neon is a fantastic product for commercial and decorative lighting installations. Neon Flex produces lighting effects that were never possible with traditional glass neon. 

Neon Flex has become synonymous with LED lighting, energy savings, and excellent quality. LED Neon is an adaptable option providing the artistic freedom of neon with all the benefits of LED. Neon Flex cuts labours and installation costs. The rugged silicone encasing provides a hotspot-free appearance. As well as protection in both indoors and outdoors applications.

LED Neon Flex offers the benefits:

  1. high energy-saving and long life
  2. low maintenance costs
  3. uniformity of the colour and colour temperature
  4. multi-voltage and reliability.

It is easy to control brightness with dimmers. You can use a controller to produce different flashing effects. RGB provides even more variety. Neon Flex is a fantastic product for studio and architectural lighting installations.

The advantages over traditional neon lighting have seen neon flex adopted by businesses of all sizes. LED Neon Flex signs have been installed in millions of businesses in recent years. The production of these signs has overtaken traditional neon signs by a considerable margin. Making neon lights more accessible in signage and shopfitting applications. Has shown the true power of these lights at attracting business. 

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