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Create your own custom neon sign!

Young girl stoked with new led neon sign

Customise your own neon phrase

The most economical way to create a custom neon sign using your very own custom message.

How it works

  • Select a size, a quantity, and start designing.
  • Add images, text and select your color preferances.
  • Submit your design and we’ll send you quote so you know exactly what your final order will come to.

Let's Get Started!


Type in your message, upload images or let our design team help bring your idea to life.

Get it

Your handcrafted custom neon delivered to your door in 3 weeks

Hang It

Hang your sign, plug it in and enjoy. It’s as easy as putting up a picture.

Get help from our inhouse neon design team

Get help with your design

We’ll design a neon sign for you based on sketches, images collected from the internet and your comments.

Your company logo made into a neon light

Already have a design?

Click here to upload your logo, image or design files and get a quote.