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Interior Design Tips – How to Choose Neon Artwork for Your Home.

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Interior design expert explains how to decorate your home using neon artworks.

when decorating your walls neon artworks are usually hung at eye level approximately 1.6 metres from the floor.
Art hung in a dining room can be slightly lower, so that it is closer to the eye level in a seated position. Art hanging in a stairway should be placed below eye level as our perspective changes as we go up and down the staircase.

Placement is up to you but the artwork doesn’t need to be hung in the centre of the room. Neon can be hung off-centre or be aligned with architectural elements.
Hot Tip:
Working with another person to decide on the placement of your artworks. Have them hold the neon light in place and another direct any changes from the entryway.

When you have a large wall space to fill. Hang either a large neon sign or a collection of smaller pieces arranged into a collage to act as one visual block and create the same impact.

In a recent project, the client had spread a series of beautiful neon art on all four walls in a guest bedroom. The art was scattered and didn’t look right. When the artwork was re-hung into a collage on one wall, there was an immediate impact of the neon. The three walls were bare so they did not compete with the beautiful collage of neon signs on one wall.

You have art to hang. So how do you start a collection? Given the range in artistic styles and genre, even the most pernickety buyers can find something to their liking and budget. Taste in art is so personal that I, as an interior designer, never tell a client what to buy. Instead, I urge them to buy and collect art that they want to live with.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, consult an art advisor or restrict yourself to highbrow art. You do, however, need to decide if you want to buy originals or reproductions. Original artworks are more expensive than reproductions, but only original art has serious re-sale value. I recommend that you buy the best original art you can afford. Alternatively, lease it or join an art co-op. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable; it just has to mean something to you. It can reflect your interests, personality and memories.

Good art won’t match the sofa. In other words, frame your art to suit the art, not the room – or the sofa. Achieve this, and your art will enhance any wall in any room. The colour of the wall will not be important. Well-framed art will speak for itself against any background. If you move, redecorate or decide to hang the art piece in another location, it will always look appropriate.

The art we choose to display in our homes is the ultimate in self-expression. My best tip is hang only art that you love.

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