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10 Monkey Business Signs You Need to Know: Is Your Workplace Next?

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In today's busy and fast-paced work environment, it is common for employees and employers to become engrossed in their daily tasks and lose sight of ethical business practices. Unfortunately, this scenario has led to the rise of monkey business or unethical workplace behavior. Here are ten monkey business signs you need to be aware of to ensure your workplace doesn't go down this path.

1. Inappropriate conversations- An employee or group of employees can engage in inappropriate discussions, such as gossiping, offensive jokes, or sexual comments. These signs are clear indicators of monkey business in the workplace.

2. Exclusion of new hires - In some cases, new hires may be excluded from workplace activities or important conversations that can hinder their inclusivity and teamwork. This behavior is a clear indication of unfavorable work culture and management.

3. Delayed wages or salary- In the presence of monkey business, payouts and salaries can be delayed or paid in parts. This tactic can be used to keep employees waiting while the management covers the organization's financial deficits.

4. Favoritism- This sign is prevalent in a toxic work environment where employees who are related to management or share close relations receive preferential treatment.

5. Frequent employee turnover- When there's a high rate of employee turnover in a company, it could be an indicator of inadequate work conditions, low employee morale, unfriendly policies, or low pay which could lead to monkey business.

6. Inconsistent company policies- In the presence of monkey business, company policies can become inconsistent and change frequently. This scenario happens to keep employees in a state of confusion and unable to make informed decisions.

7. Lack of transparency- Inability to access accurate financial statements or lack of transparency about company operations is an indication of monkey business.

8. Rigid hierarchy- When management has a dictatorial style of governance and does not consult employees on office changes or policy amendments, it is a significant sign of monkey business.

9. Failure to reward employees- In an unethical business practice, employees may not receive proper recognition, fringe benefits, or incentives for their hard work or dedication to their job. This practice can drop morale and lead to poor productivity.

10. Intimidation - If your colleagues or management engage in intimidation, humiliation or threaten you regarding your job, that's a clear sign of Monkey Business.

In conclusion, it's essential to identify any of these monkey business signs in your workplace and take necessary steps to address them. Any form of unethical behavior can be detrimental to both employees and employers, for it will affect productivity, job satisfaction and lead to severe financial and legal consequences. Good governance, ethical management, proper communication policies and employee welfare are vital to ensuring a healthy work environment.

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