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15 Hilarious Business Signs That Will Make You Stop and Chuckle

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As you drive down the street, you may come across business signs that make you do a double-take or even laugh out loud. These signs are meant to catch your attention and draw you into the store. Here are 15 hilarious business signs that will make you stop and chuckle.

1. "Hair today, gone tomorrow" - This sign can be found outside a hair salon or barbershop. It's a play on the old saying "here today, gone tomorrow" and is a clever way to promote a hair styling business.

2. "We fix $100 haircuts for $10" - Another hair styling sign that pokes fun at expensive salon prices.

3. "Free coffee, tomorrow" - A sign found outside a coffee shop that promises a free cup of coffee, but not today.

4. "We have big buns" - This sign is often found outside a bakery or restaurant that sells burgers with large buns.

5. "We're open, but barely awake" - This sign may be found outside a morning coffee or breakfast shop that opens early.

6. "We may doze, but never close" - Another sign that plays off the idea that some businesses are open 24/7. This sign may be found outside a convenience store or gas station.

7. "Our crabs are the best in town" - Usually found outside a seafood restaurant or market, this sign is a play on words that will make you do a double-take.

8. "We don't make the news, we just fry it" - Found outside a fish and chips restaurant or a fast food joint that specializes in fried food.

9. "We're not fast food, we're good food quickly" - A sign that attempts to rebrand fast food as something more nutritious and high-quality.

10. "We have plenty of options for people on a diet, but we don't serve any of them" - Found outside a restaurant that doesn't cater to those watching their waistlines.

11. "We have the best gas in town, because we eat it" - This sign is usually found outside a comedy or novelty shop that sells gag gifts.

12. "Fresh hot donuts made daily, not donut holes" - This sign is found outside a donut shop, but is a playful way to promote their larger, more decadent donuts.

13. "We're not responsible for lost or stolen body parts" - This sign may be found outside a tattoo or piercing parlor.

14. "Don't drop your phone in the toilet, we don't fix that" - A sign that is often found outside an electronics repair store.

15. "We don't judge, we just clean up the mess" - This sign may be found outside a cleaning or restoration service that specializes in emergency cleanup.

These signs are a great way for businesses to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on their customers. Whether they're using humor, wordplay, or puns, these signs will make you stop and chuckle. Next time you're out and about, keep an eye out for these hilarious and creative business signs.

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