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Neon Sign Inspiration: Creative Ways to Use Neon in Your NZ Interior Design

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Neon signs have been a popular element in interior design for many years, and they continue to inspire creativity in designers across the globe. In New Zealand, Neon signs have become a staple in many interior design projects, offering a unique way to add personality and style to any room.

Whether you are looking to add a retro touch to your space or want to create a modern look, neon signs offer endless possibilities for creative expression. Here are some innovative ways to use neon in your interior design:

1. Create a focal point in your living area

Using neon signage as an artwork or center point in your living space is an easy way to add life to your room. You can choose a neon sign with bold typography or an intense color that contrasts well with your wall colors, and it can become a focal point that draws attention to your room.

2. Light up your kitchen with a custom neon sign

Using a neon sign in your kitchen is a unique way to personalize your space. You can use a neon sign to display your favorite cooking quote or your family’s name. Regardless of the message you choose, a custom neon sign in a kitchen is a statement piece that adds an element of style to the room.

3. Create a neon accent wall

A neon accent wall can add a touch of drama to your room while creating a unique atmosphere. Not only does it provide a vivid background in low light, but it can also be used to create a futuristic or classic ambiance in any room - from a bedroom to a living area. The design possibilities are endless, from retro-style typography to modern neon shapes.

4. Use neon to highlight other design features of the room

Using neon signage to enhance other design elements is a fun, creative way to add depth to your space. For example, placing a neon sign next to your art installation or wall decor can help draw attention and highlight important features of the room.

5. Design your own neon artwork

Customized neon artworks can add an element of creativity to your space, making it personal, unique, and stylish. You can work with a neon sign company to design a custom sign that reflects your interests and personality, adding an artistic touch to any room.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, neon signs offer designers in New Zealand endless opportunities for creative expression. Whether you choose to create a neon accent wall or a custom neon artwork, neon signs are perfect for breathing life into any room. Bold and bright, they immediately capture attention and enhance any interior design aesthetic. And the best part is that they are easily customizable to match your specific style. With such a diverse range of ideas and inspirations, there is no limit to the creative ways you can use neon in interior design.

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