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Red Neon Signs: Adding Boldness and Intensity to Your Space

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Red, the color of passion, vigor, strength, and power, is one of the most iconic colors out there. It’s no surprise that red has been used in many different industries from bullfighting to Taylor Swift’s album cover. But when it comes to interior design, there’s plenty of ways to use it, and nothing pops in neon quite like red.

At Neon Nights, we offer a wide range of red LED neon signs that can add a bold and intense touch to your space. Whether you’re looking for a classic Big Big Heart or a custom sign featuring your favorite romantic quote or song lyric, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? Red is the color with the longest wavelength on the entire spectrum, which makes it easily one of the most visible colors out there.

So where should you hang a red neon sign? The first and absolute best place is undoubtedly the kitchen. Seeing red is said to speed up the blood flow, which stimulates the metabolism and makes you have more of an appetite. No wonder fast food companies rely on red for their logos. And if it works for McDonald’s, it works for us. A buzzing red neon sign near the fridge is bound to get your mouth watering.

But, of course, red is also the color of passion. A red neon sign can add a freaky-deaky and flattering gamechanger to the boudoir or bedroom. And for any small business owner, a red neon sign can be a showstopper that brings attention to your brand.

When it comes to mixing and matching, pairing red with colors in your interior that will make it pop is the key. Red and yellow are a classic combination that conveys a burgers-and-fries nostalgia. But red and blue are quite evocative and will give your space an Americana vibe. Adding a little green to the equation will always remind us of cozy Christmas.

So don’t be a wallflower or wimp, add a red neon sign to your space and go big and bold. At Neon Nights, we offer a variety of red LED neon signs that can add an intense and bold touch to your home or business. Check out our collection and make a statement with a red neon sign today!

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