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Go for it get on this gram fueled neon craze. Whether pastels or bright colours. You can get the fashion runway look delivered to your doorstep. Get a neon and start throwing vibrant coloured light around your room. It’s something to behold.

As they grow in popularity, we’ve come up with some crazy ideas that you can try. Warning! They make neon lights an irresistible idea.

Get a neon and join the tend of neon madness. Not only does neon look great hanging from the wall, but they bring sophistication. Bright colours like pink and blues are popular. There’s a whole palette of different you can experiment with.

Neon is like a tattoo but for your wall.
Choose from our collection or submit your own ideas and get a custom design.

How to decorate with neon lights in the interior

Are you looking to add some colour and interest to your home?

Do you want to light up an inspirational image or message that inspires you? This is an easy way to give your home a new look. You won’t need to be handy with a paintbrush to make this decorators marvel. Neon style signs only take a few minutes to hang.

It’ll surprise you to learn about all the neon light possibilities in a residential space.

You can also find neon-style signs for residential on our shop page. Take for example this sign “dream”. These tend to cost around $300-$1500 depending on the size and complexity of the design.

The most common way to use neon lights.
Is with warm words that set the right tone

Let's stay home Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Here are some other neon sign ideas that would look great in living rooms or bedrooms:

Crazy in love Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Neon will give your bedroom the soft romantic glow your after. No more spilled wax or fire risk with candles this rooms going to glow with colour.

It's All In Your Head Neon Lights
As the photo above shows, this is the perfect setting for a playroom. But it could also work in relaxation areas and man caves.

Neon High Heel Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Another great use for neon style lights is to add accent colours any that embellish items in the room.

Trat yourself yellow neon lights on a brick wall background
You can see in the photo above how you can use neon lighting on the wall.

Add a colourful glow under furniture with Neon Lights.

Neon under furniture
An example is a light shining under the cooking island in the photo above. Led lighting under cabinets is popular to add a hue of colour for a unique kitchen.

Soup of the day tequila neon sign colourful accent lighting bars and night clubs
You can make any wall speak the language of an interior designer with neon lights.

Good vibes only pink neon lights
Neon is so simple and gives a big impression. Emitting a stunning glow that will have you to turn off other lights. Enjoy the healing colour in the space

Now or never neon sign
Leave it classic, let it shine neon Hang up a quote or design that you love. These lights aren’t only for pubs. You can bring the essence of New York, Tokyo or Paris home with you.

Neon Wedding Signs
Once you use the neon lights, you’ll love keeping the neon lights.

Choosing neon designs
Create a futuristic playroom with neon lights
A more complex idea comes in the form of the playroom in the photo above. By adding vertical neon lighting, you can create a room that has a futuristic element.

This is a decision you won’t regret. Once you switch on your neon, you’re likely to keep neon in your home, so let’s talk

Interior design expert explains how to decorate your home using neon artworks.

when decorating your walls neon artworks are usually hung at eye level approximately 1.6 metres from the floor.
Art hung in a dining room can be slightly lower, so that it is closer to the eye level in a seated position. Art hanging in a stairway should be placed below eye level as our perspective changes as we go up and down the staircase.

Placement is up to you but the artwork doesn’t need to be hung in the centre of the room. Neon can be hung off-centre or be aligned with architectural elements.
Hot Tip:
Working with another person to decide on the placement of your artworks. Have them hold the neon light in place and another direct any changes from the entryway.

When you have a large wall space to fill. Hang either a large neon sign or a collection of smaller pieces arranged into a collage to act as one visual block and create the same impact.

In a recent project, the client had spread a series of beautiful neon art on all four walls in a guest bedroom. The art was scattered and didn’t look right. When the artwork was re-hung into a collage on one wall, there was an immediate impact of the neon. The three walls were bare so they did not compete with the beautiful collage of neon signs on one wall.

You have art to hang. So how do you start a collection? Given the range in artistic styles and genre, even the most pernickety buyers can find something to their liking and budget. Taste in art is so personal that I, as an interior designer, never tell a client what to buy. Instead, I urge them to buy and collect art that they want to live with.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, consult an art advisor or restrict yourself to highbrow art. You do, however, need to decide if you want to buy originals or reproductions. Original artworks are more expensive than reproductions, but only original art has serious re-sale value. I recommend that you buy the best original art you can afford. Alternatively, lease it or join an art co-op. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable; it just has to mean something to you. It can reflect your interests, personality and memories.

Good art won’t match the sofa. In other words, frame your art to suit the art, not the room – or the sofa. Achieve this, and your art will enhance any wall in any room. The colour of the wall will not be important. Well-framed art will speak for itself against any background. If you move, redecorate or decide to hang the art piece in another location, it will always look appropriate.

The art we choose to display in our homes is the ultimate in self-expression. My best tip is hang only art that you love.

LED neon lights have taken the world of home decor by storm, offering a unique and modern twist on the classic neon sign. These lights provide the same vibrant colors and bold shapes as traditional neon signs, but with the added benefit of energy efficiency and safety. With so many different designs available, it can be difficult to choose the right LED neon light for your space. In this article, we will showcase the 20 most popular LED neon light designs for 2022, ranging from motivational phrases to iconic symbols.

  1. Love: A timeless classic, the word “love” in LED neon lights is a popular choice for bedroom decor or as a gift for a loved one.

  2. Custom name or phrase: Many companies now offer the option to create custom LED neon lights with your name or favorite phrase, making for a truly unique addition to any room.

  3. Lightning bolt: This iconic symbol adds a bold and edgy touch to any space, whether it’s a teenager’s bedroom or a music studio.

  4. Moon: A serene and calming addition to any room, a crescent moon LED neon light is perfect for creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

  5. Cactus: This trendy plant has become a popular design choice for home decor, and an LED neon light of a cactus adds a playful and stylish touch.

  6. Palm tree: For those who love a tropical vibe, a palm tree LED neon light is the perfect addition to a beach-themed room.

  7. Cloud: A fluffy and whimsical LED neon light of a cloud is a great choice for a child’s room or a nursery.

  8. Lips: A bold and sassy choice, an LED neon light of lips adds a touch of glamour and femininity to any space.

  9. Diamond: A symbol of luxury and sophistication, an LED neon light of a diamond is a popular choice for a dressing room or closet.

  10. Anchor: This nautical symbol adds a touch of adventure and wanderlust to any space, whether it’s a beach house or a travel-themed room.

  11. Star: A simple yet elegant design, an LED neon light of a star is perfect for creating a celestial ambiance in any room.

  12. Arrow: A versatile design, an LED neon light of an arrow can be used to point the way or add a decorative touch to any space.

  13. Rainbow: A colorful and cheerful design, an LED neon light of a rainbow is perfect for creating a playful and vibrant atmosphere in a child’s room or a playroom.

  14. Butterfly: A symbol of transformation and beauty, an LED neon light of a butterfly adds a delicate and graceful touch to any space.

  15. Music note: For music lovers, an LED neon light of a music note is a great addition to a music studio or a bedroom.

  16. Peace sign: A classic symbol of peace and love, an LED neon light of a peace sign is a great choice for a retro or hippie-themed room.

  17. Skull: For those who love a darker and edgier aesthetic, an LED neon light of a skull adds a rebellious and rock-and-roll touch to any space.

  18. Heart: A universal symbol of love and affection, an LED neon light of a heart is perfect for creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere in a bedroom.

  19. Hashtag: A popular design for social media enthusiasts, an LED neon light of a hashtag is a fun and trendy addition to any space.

  20. Batman logo: A favorite of comic book fans, an LED neon light of the Batman logo adds a geeky and cool touch to any room.

From motivational phrases to iconic symbols, LED neon lights offer a wide range of design options to suit any taste and style. The 20 most popular LED neon light designs for.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2021 Neon Nights

If you want to attract new customers, consider installing illuminated signage. Neons are the best choice for on-premise advertising. Which takes full advantage of your high traffic location. Not only are these are neons an iconic sign, but they’re also striking at first glance, and highly customizable.
The size of the lights content you want presenting colours that match your branding
If you’d like a specific design or font, you haven’t seen us advertise. Don’t worry, our signs can be custom options which are made according to your exact specifications. Design as a backdrop for a special occasion photoshoot. Great ad for a small business.

What is neon sign images are most popular?

If you love neon flex signs, you will be glad to know there’s plenty to choose from. Depending on what you need, where you plan to display it, and what your aesthetic vision is. Here are the of the most popular types of neon light signs.

the neon sign I woke up like this

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 1

where love lives neon sign

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 2

neon sign on air

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 3

neon sign with arrow

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 4

who made the rules neon sign

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 5

The Girls Girls Girls Neon Light Sign: Comes highly recommended whether you love Motley Crue’s songs or want a high-impact wall hanging to transform your living room. Girls Girls Girls neon light is one you must consider a wall-mounted home decor feature. This an Uber-modern chic sign comes in a range of colour options you can match with your decor colour pallet. It’s ideal for a variety of shop selling female hair and beauty products.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 6

Harley Davidson Neon flex sign: Love motorcycles? If you run a motorcycle repair shop, restaurant or a bar with a very ‘roadie’ creative, or have a passion for Harley. You will love what this Harley Davidson neon light brings to the table. An indoor neon sign makes for an impressive wall hanging for a man cave. The motorcycle-themed sign oozes the masculine, perfect for a workshop or rumpus room. of one of the most premium motorcycles that one can ever own. If you wish to revamp the aesthetics of your surrounding and ‘man’ up the area, then this is an ideal sign. It is also a great option for a bachelor pad!

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 7

Bar sign: Mild lighting and aesthetics are important for a bar. If you are wondering about how to make your bar look distinctive. A custom neon sign We can create a custom sign bar neon light in any font and with any colour that strikes your fancy. Do you like to keep a selection of liquor at home? You could have a bar led neon products made to suit your home bar.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 8

Beer based signs: There are some famous beer brands in the world, like Heineken and Corona. If you want party signs for a bar or a restaurant, it is time for you to consider a corona virus neon light. The sign can be text, or also include the corona bird based on your needs. Customization is always possible.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 9

Good Vibes Only:A good vibes only neon light can elevate the interiors of a room. There are a lot of places where you can display a good vibes only sign. You can put it in an indie or homely shop, in a cozy restaurant, or even in your bedroom or living room. People usually prefer to choose bright colours like yellow or hot pink for a good vibes only sign. Clear acrylic backing is the standard for window installation. If you’d like to hang your sign on a light coloured wall. It may help you choose black acrylic backboard for your sign for better contrast.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 10

Hello Gorgeous sign: why hello neon sign is a popular choice. If you own a salon or a spa, you will want to check out the hello gorgeous neon. Given you can pick your favorite fonts or a motif you love, you can customize the “Hello Gorgeous” for your taste. neon material we use to make our signs is not your traditional glass neon signs. Glass neon has been replaced with leds. The neon tube thickness in 6mm or 8mm. leds look brighter when they’re switched on and plug into a standard outlet. This a new product which is more durable. Apart from a salon or a coffee shop, you can also display neon in other places such as your own home.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 11

AR-15 neon: un emblem neon lights are amongst the best-looking signs. If you want a gun-shaped graphic neon light, then check out AR-15 sign type. Depending on what guns you interested in. You can customize your mesmerizing sign to look like your favorite gun shape. If you want a lot of distinct types of guns in your design, that can also look good. Various types of gun designs and ammo designs are available as a part of the AR-15 signs.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 12

Palm trees neon lights: Palm trees provide a tropical environmental feel. You can either have a single coloured palm tree or dress it up. Depending on what you’d like the design you can choose as many colour options as you’d like.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 13

Skull neon: Add the perfect touch of light with a mysterious skull neon flex sign. They add a lot of pizzazz to the entire surroundings. They’re ideal for many settings and can add some much-needed edge to aesthetics.

Football brand new neon sign: If you love sports, own a sports bar, or are a fan, football neon are great. They’re simple to look at, and yet somehow eye-catching and super amazing. It is also an ideal choice of décor for the room of a young boy who loves sports or football, or for the nursery of a baby boy.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 14

Alien neon: Like a skull neon flex sign, an alien neon sign can also add a lot of edge to a room. If you love the out of space, you can also consider sticking glow in the dark stickers with your alien sign.Hockey neon flex sign: Sports-based neon sign wall decor light, like a football neon or a hockey neon sign, are becoming more popular. You get a hockey stick and puck sign. Large graphics of a hockey player taking a goal shot or the emblem of your home team customized the way you’d like it. The options are endless.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 15

x neon sign: Many bars display x neon sign to add some splendor to their premises. You can adjust the colour of the sign depending on your preferences and choices.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 16

Aviation style neon sign:A lot of clubs use aviation custom neon and you can choose how you want the sign to look based on your preference. Most standard aeroplane neon includes some aspirational text about travel. Signs made from an organization can include a symbol of an aeroplane company logo and tag line.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 17

Glass tube sign need repair but neon nights gives you a no breakages guarantee and warranty for the first year and phrases can be written with foreign lettering:We can Korean, Japanese and Chinese letters are a popular choice for an oriental atmosphere. These wall decor suit a variety of home decor.Real neon signs look like

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 18

Ocean waves:If you love a calm and pleasant aesthetic, consider the ocean wave neon light. They’re fascinating to look at and a great choice for baby bedrooms.

The 20 Most Popular LED Neon Light Designs for 2022 Neon Nights 19


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