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Benefits of Using Neon Signs in Advertising

February 16, 2020

Led neon is super bright and very energy efficient. Suitable for both indoor and exterior fit-outs. You can adjust brightness and choose colors based on your preference all our signs are custom made. Long-lasting. and Low-no maintenance. More expensive on the front end but you recoup costs over time from less energy and maintenance.

What are the tips to choose the right signage for your business?

  1. Use the contrast between the lettering and background so the message is clear and scale the text so it is easy to read.
  2. Let people know what you do not just your name taglines can do this. Adding signs that advertise the product and services you offer will help prospects understand your offering.
  3. Light up your sign, if your spending the time energy organizing a sign get one that’ll work double-time for you.

The 4 secrets to achieving good business signage?

Design, Placement, Contrast Illumination

Good Design.
People are busy and distracted they won’t see you. They’ll look right past you. Make your message simple and clear, I see far too many designs with varying fonts and long messages which gets lost in the prospect’s mind.

Signs should be placed where they’ll bee seen by motorists and pedestrians. There’s no better way to get the attention of your potential customers. Once you have their attention, then you must also help them find your storefront. Place sandwich board signs at the curb to advertise your products and services.

There must be a contrast between the lettering and the backboard.
Example of what not to do
Don’t use yellow text on a light-colored background.
Red lettering on a black background looks good on black on the computer screen because it’s backlit but put a red and black sign on your building and it will be difficult to see unless it’s illuminated.

Is your business located on a busy street? Whether you operate at night or not illuminated signs that will advertise your business around the clock and capture the attention of passers-by. It’s worth considering colorful neon letters they are visible during the day and really pop at night.

To promote and advertise the products in the competitive market today, it is very challenging for a business. Every business has a different type of task and situation. Cost varies from the products and needs of a particular business. If the technique used in business are not perfect then it would be more costly for the business. That why it is important to understand what possible advertising strategies available.

Neon Sign Boards are highly recommended for start-up businesses having a lower budget and want to grow slowly. Neon sign delivers information in a stylish and attractive way. There are multiple neon signboard companies in Auckland. There are many benefits of using neon signboard in advertising.

Highly Durable

As Neon Signs are long durable and long-lasting, every business able to get value for money. Normally Every Neon Signboard life if 10 years and after that neon bulbs still working, the wiring may damage. As neon bulbs are more long-lasting than lights bulbs.

Variety of Voltages

Neon lights do not require any specific requirements. As a small amount of energy is required so any voltage range will suit for these lights. Every business has a different range of styles according to their need for business. When installing these signs board we don’t have to worry about voltage compatibility.

Energy Consumption

Neon lights are mostly used in the organization as it is eco-friendly and due to long life, it is no requirement to change frequently by the owner. Material waste is also decrease to a large extent. In Neon signboard physical and chemical interactions of electricity with gas is works. By using these lights 70% of the electricity can be saved.


Every Business chooses different styles and designs according to the need of services. Neon signs are flexible so wide range of symbols, numbers, letters with multiple shapes and sizes are available. There is also a wide color palette for use in the business letter board.


Particularly at night, neon lights can be very appealing to the eye. If neon signs are used at the entrance of the established, most people will be captivated by the lights and this will lure them in. In addition, these lights are highly visible and can be seen from far off. It is easy to spot for potential and old customers too. More importantly, these signs are also very cost-effective so a business can use them effectively.

In the night neon lights are attractive and eye-catching appearances. Mostly in Shops, restaurants Neon Signboards are used at the entry gate to attract the attention of people. These lights have a high range of visibility in day and night. It can be seen from long distances. It engages both potential and new customers.

Easy installation

Neon lights can be placed outdoors or indoors as it is easy and safer to use. Placing a neon signboard outside at the right place for the best promotion is a challenge. you have to place the neon signboard in a specific area in which potential customers attracts with these signs.

Brings in more business 

Neon signs are eye-catching and attractive. these signs attract and show the reputation of the company of business. There is a one-time investment that gives an effective revenue over investment(ROI). In every business there are a lot of practical benefits after using neon signs.

Today neon signboards are very popular in business and market. Almost every business like a company, bars, restaurants, hotels, retails shops use neon signboards are used to catch the attention of customers to increase their sales. The Neon signboard contains attractive neon lights of different colours embedded in glass letters. The neon signs boards glow in the nights after the sunset and it is visible from long distance. Many Company deals in fancy neon signboards and offers a large variety of signboard with multiple ranges of design according to the need of business.

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