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Professional hard-wired neon light install with a switch on the wall and wires hidden

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We make neon signs the bulk of which are intended for indoor use. The neon tube is mounted on an acrylic backboard (making them easily portable). The backboard comes with pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. The sign can easily be fixed to a wall with included screws or suspended from a chain that we can supply as a hanging kit add on.


  • We recommend using two (2) Command Hooks which have a total weight capacity of 15kgs.
  • Most Neon signs weigh between 3kgs – 6kgs.
  • Once the Command Hooks are in position, align with pre-drilled holes on the backing board and hang.
  • Ensure the Neon Sign is mounted securely before plugging in and using it.

Neon signs for permanent external use, and some large internal neon signs, will require specialist installation.

Where can I place my neon sign?

You should not, under any circumstance, place your neon sign outside. Outdoor placement is considered a misuse of the product and would void the warranty.

Your sign is constructed for indoor use only and can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. Your sign has been designed to hang on a wall, hang from the ceiling or stand on a counter or shelf. You may also want to consider hanging your sign on the interior of a window with the logo facing outward for passersby to notice. When determining where to place your sign, please keep these tips in mind:

  1. In some instances, a neon sign can cause interference with radio equipment. If you are experiencing interference, try plugging your sign into a different outlet away from your television or radio. Be sure you do not damage the ground pin ("U Pin") on the plug of your power cord. Good grounding is essential for interference suppression.
  2. Try to avoid displaying your sign within the path of your remote controls. This will eliminate any possible interference with the infrared remote control.
  3. As with any electronic device, you should never operate your sign in or near water.

Hanging hardware, chains, and power cords are standard. We can design and produce custom neon for inside and outside applications, contact us with your needs.

Can you install the signs you make?

We definitely can. We have working relationships with subcontractors in Auckland who are more than qualified to install everything we make for you. We are more than happy to arrange an install outside your normal hours (once your store has closed), so by the time you open in the morning, everything is fully set up. We take down existing signage for you or once your event is over if required. Outdoor LED signs for permanent external use will require specialist installation.* Our most popular neon signs are made for indoor use. Our indoor neon signs plug directly into a wall socket and come with screws and a hanging kit. Many of our customers choose a DIY install LED neon flex is mounted on acrylic. The cable from the sign has a driver that converts mains power to dc. Signs come with both screws and standoff for wall fixing and a hanging kit which is used to hang signs from the shop front windows or from ceilings. Installing your indoor sign on a wall or hanging it is easy to do by following the instructions in the box. Outdoor signs should be installed by an electrician.

Can neon flex be installed directly on a wall or window?

For a small investment, our window border tubing lights can turn your free window space into advertising worth Thousands of dollars! We can install neon tubes directly on walls to create murals or illuminate existing ones. Installations like this are much more involved than the standard hanging of neon signs, and it will require that a qualified electrician be available to help with the installation process. Please give us a call or contact our customer support team for more information about this install option.

Neon Install - Will my neon sign require any specialist installation?

Neon Installation works best with friends, we recommend 2-3 people to support the neon sign when installing.

Hanging your neon sign
Use a strong fishing line or clear cable ties for non-permanent neon placement (weddings and events).

Fixed to a wall
For a more permanent installation (e.g. your home or office) - we recommend securing it to a wall using the supplied screws. Take care not to drill too deep, as this may crack the acrylic.
With a tape measure mark where the neon be on the wall. Have one person hold the sign in place while you mark the pre-drilled holes with a pencil.
Tip- Make sure not to mark the acrylic with the drill head or by overtightening
Using a power drill steadily drill the holes, place the sign back in place and tighten the screws/standoffs. Once the sign is mounted securely then plug in and light up.What level of installation is required? All signs marked with "plug & play" require no electrical installation, only mechanical installation of the wall or other location. Other signs require some level of electrical installation and therefore we recommend a qualified technician. Neon Nights can provide this service, you can request this at the point of order or after purchase. Request installation. Are there specific instructions for the Neon direct to wall installation? Yes! For electrical Neon installations, we have created specific guidelines. What are the installation options? We offer all signs in a variety of configurations, for wall installation, hanging (from the ceiling) and standing. For wall installation, you can choose either indoor or outdoor and we will provide the correct mounting feature. Our signs can be installed on most wall surfaces. You just need to purchase (we do not provide) the suitable screws and plugs. For specialist surfaces such as glass, it is possible but requires a more specialist installation (glass specialist). Indoor standing signs are suitable for any even surface. Outdoor standing signs must be anchored. Can Neon Nights install my signage for me? Yes! Get in touch with one of our professional installation teams. Outside of New Zealand, we are happy to help find the right partner.How can my neon or LED neon sign be installed? Neon Nights signs can be mounted in a variety of ways depending on the sign type. Plug and play signs require no electrical installation and can be simply hung on the wall, stood on a surface or hung from the ceiling. Signs not marked as "plug and play" will require electrical wiring. Do you need some help? Send us an installation request. Our professional installation team will be happy to help you!What precautions are to be taken when mounting LED drivers? LED drivers need to be mounted in a ventilated space. Access to the driver needs to be provided for general maintenance purposes. The IP (ingress protection) rating of the driver needs to be considered before finalizing the mounting location of the driver (only those drivers designed for outdoor environments can be located outdoors). The distance between the driver and the light source needs to be taken into consideration in order to prevent voltage drop, which results in reduced output of the LEDs.

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