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How to connect a dimmer?

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Simply take the dimmer and connect between the transparent power cable & the power supply cable.

Can the brightness be adjusted?

Yes, Dimming is an optional extra for most of our signs.How are LEDs dimmed? LEDs are dimmed either by Pulse Width Modulation PWM, or by Constant Current Reduction CCR. PWM dimming involves switching current at a high frequency from zero to the rated output current. CCR dimming: The lighting level required is proportional to the current flowing through the LED. Current flows through the LED continuously and is reduced or increased based on whether the LED is to be dimmed further or made brighter.What are the advantages of dimming LEDs?Dimming LEDs offer the following advantages:Saves energy, because less energy is used for reduced output levels.Extends life; the electronic components run cooler. This not only extends the life of LEDs but also increases the life of the phosphor coating that is used to produce white light.Helps designers create ambient lighting presets to create mood settings.Increases flexibility in usage of space. A brightly lit space for reading or office space can turn into a presentation/conference area by dimming.Increases productivity by enabling individual control of lights in order to reduce eye strain and fatigue, or to improve concentration.Why do some LEDs flicker when dimmed or turned off? This is usually due to incompatibility between the driver and the control system. When purchasing an LED product, it is important to use the correct driver type as specified by the manufacturer. It is also important to check that the LED is dimmable. Some retrofits are not.

Do you charge a design fee? At Neon Nights Limited we have a firm commitment to two different ideals- Quality and Value. At Neon Nights Limited we understand that a quality product begins with a quality design.

Our designers not only have degrees in graphic design that ensure that your sign will look great, they also have extensive training in neon engineering to make sure that your sign will be last for years to come. Issues such as power supply placement, neon diameter, and electrical layout are all considered when balancing your signs look and functionality. When our designers work with you to create the look that you need, you can rest assured that the finished product will look just like what you approved. Other sign companies may offer a free quick computer rendering, but these drawings often prove to be unworkable when it comes time to actually create your sign, and the results are often disappointing.

Our other concern is value. We know that you work hard for your money and that you are looking to keep as much of it as you can! Free designs sound great, but let:s face it- nothing is really free. Companies that offer free designs are really just loading the cost of the design into the price of your sign. Here is the problem with that- They are not loading only the cost of your design into your sign price, but rather the cost of the entire design department is being divided into the cost of your sign. We get hundreds of design requests every month. Some are from serious shoppers others are from the simply curious. By purchasing your sign design you can rest assured that the only design you are paying for is yours. You also know that if you should choose to purchase more than one sign of that design that you never have to pay the design fee again, giving you an instant discount on multiple sign orders.

At Neon Nights we may do things a little differently, but we always have your best interests in mind.

Our graphic designer can meet with you in person, as this is usually the best way to be able to share your thoughts, sketches, and colour choices, please feel free to contact us for advice! :)

“We do have dimmer available for purchase on our website here the additional charge is $35.00

Choose from our selection of wall mount dimmers, for a convenient permanent solution. Our special LED dimmer wheel, with an easy-to-set dimming spool. Just turn the dial and set the perfect amount of light for your situation. Ideal when you need to meet certain restrictions, or match your current display

When requested our signs can also come with a wireless dimmer remote. Dimmer Remotes can not only make controlling the sign a whole lot easier, but they can enhance the lifetime period via the dimming function – and they also include a few exciting lighting modes – flash, pulse, strobe etc all of which can be speed controlled too.Do you offer to hang and dimming solutions? Yes, we do! Check out our Handy Extras Guide. It details all the extras we offer to make displaying or controlling your sign that much easier. All Hanging Wires & Mounting Screws are complimentary with any Custom Neon purchase too!

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