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Today we're going to take a look at 3D signs and how they can make your business stand out.

Types of 3D Signs

The three main types of 3D signs are pin mounted letters, channel letters, and dimensional letter signs. You could also have an image or your logo made three dimensional.

Pin Mounted Letters

Pin mounted letters are either cut out, cast, or moulded and then mounted on an interior or exterior wall.

Individual 3D Channel Letters

Channel letters are similar to pin mounted letters, however, they usually can be lit up from inside, often with inexpensive LED lighting.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letter signs consist of 3D letters that are attached to one-dimensional sign panels or monuments.

3D Logos

The letters in your sign aren't the only things that can be three dimensional.

Add Dimension and Depth

Making your signage three dimensional adds a very pleasing and noticeable depth to your sign.

Professional High-End Appearance

3D signs are incredibly professional looking as they give a truly high-end appearance.

Types of Materials Used to Make 3D Signs

Acrylic and plastic are great choices if you want to add lots of colours or if you want a larger outdoor sign that will hold up well to the elements and will weigh less.

3D Lettering

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging with regard to signage. It is for this reason that business owners are always looking for innovative new sign types that will help their business garner attention. In recent years, 3D lettering has proven to be an effective sign type that is not only eye-catching but also aesthetically pleasing. Read on to learn more about the custom 3D lettered signs we at Neon Nights can produce for your business.

Our 3D Lettering

When you first approach our team at Neon Nights, they will consult with you thoroughly to determine what type of 3D lettered sign you want to have produced. Our staff will take you through the basic design options we have available and will introduce you to the various fonts and colours we offer. While our team will be available to offer advice throughout this process, rest assured that you’ll have the final say on each aspect of your new sign.

Our production capabilities mean that we can manufacture signs of the highest quality. We only use the finest crafting materials available, so you can be sure that the sign you invest in has been built to last. The 3D lettered signs we produce, in particular, can be fitted onto any surface easily.

Our Customers are Happy with Our Work

Our customers will tell you that they are extremely happy with the high-quality work and service we provide to them. “Very happy with customer service provided for my business. Fast service from skilled individuals who perform a wide variety of jobs related to my graphic and printing needs. If you would like high quality, professionally installed sign for your business Our team can produce custom signs that are especially suited to the needs of your premises.

Call us now on 02188021 or email [email protected] , and we’ll get back to you .

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