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How do neon signs help restaurants grow their instagram followers

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In today’s digital age, social media plays a crucial role in promoting businesses. Instagram, in particular, has become a powerful marketing tool for restaurants to showcase their menu, ambience, and overall vibe. But with so many restaurants on the platform, how do you stand out?

The answer lies in neon signs. Neon signs have become a popular trend in the restaurant industry, adding a unique and eye-catching element to a restaurant’s decor. But they also serve a dual purpose as an effective marketing tool for your Instagram account.

It’s no secret that neon signs at restaurants offer a great opportunity to generate publicity and raise awareness of their business on social media sites, especially photo-sharing site Instagram. A custom neon sign is something nice for customers to take a selfie with and easily share online. Today, bars, coffee shops, diners and restaurants know that marketing and getting seen on places like Instagram is almost as important as the ingredients they use. Restaurants display all kinds of phrases or symbols, from advice to declarations or avocado branding lit up brightly in green light; browse the photos below if you want some inspiration!

Photos and reviews that include your brand

Neon signs can help restaurants take photos and reviews that include their brand by providing a bright and colourful backdrop that can make the food and the restaurant itself look more appealing. Neon signs can help to create a more fun and festive atmosphere in the restaurant, which can encourage customers to take photos and write positive reviews.

Here are a few ways neon signs can help your restaurant grow its Instagram following:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Content: Neon signs make for great photo opportunities, both for customers and staff. The bright and bold colours of neon signs create an attractive background for any photo, instantly elevating the visual appeal of your content. When customers snap a picture of your neon sign and post it on Instagram, it exposes your restaurant to their followers, expanding your reach.
  2. Branded Hashtags: With neon signs being such a popular trend, customers are more likely to search for hashtags like #neonsigns, #neonlights, or #neonvibes. By incorporating your restaurant’s name or slogan into a neon sign and encouraging customers to use a branded hashtag, you can create a sense of community around your restaurant on social media. This increases the likelihood of your posts being discovered and shared with a wider audience.
  3. Instagrammable Moments: The power of social media lies in shareable moments. By creating an Instagram-worthy atmosphere in your restaurant with neon signs, you are providing your customers with a shareable moment. When customers post their photos on Instagram, they are essentially advertising your restaurant to their followers. This is a free and organic way to generate buzz and exposure for your restaurant on social media.
  4. Memorable Branding: Neon signs have a way of sticking in people’s minds. When customers leave your restaurant, they may not remember the specific details of their meal, but they will remember the neon sign that caught their eye. This creates a lasting impression of your brand and increases the likelihood of them sharing their experience on social media.

In conclusion, neon signs are not just a decorative element in your restaurant. They are a powerful marketing tool that can help grow your Instagram following and promote your restaurant to a wider audience. By creating shareable moments and memorable branding, neon signs can help take your restaurant’s social media presence to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Let your neon signs shine and watch your Instagram following grow!

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