What is the difference between LED neon and traditional neon?

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What is the difference between LED neon and traditional neon?

At Neon Nights, we only use LED neon technology to create your beautiful signs, and here are the reasons!

We make LED neon of flexible silicone material instead of delicate glass, which is a more costly raw material. Glass Neon sign craftsmanship is expensive as it takes higher skills and efforts to bend solid glass, whereas it is easy to shape flexible silicone material used in LED signs. because of the use of glass in traditional neon signs, it needs multi-layered packing for safe transit. Hence, the high cost of packing compared to LED neon.

5 Reasons we use LED neon flex?

No Glass
Stronger than ever.

Installation is a snap
Just plug like a light
Mount it like a painting.
Transport it easily.

Water, Dust & UV protection

80% more efficient
than traditional lighting.
Greenlight, non-toxic.

With a remote change
the intensity.

12V: Low consumption and never gets warm
95% of the energy in LEDs is converted
into light and only 5% as heat.


The first, and most obvious, the difference between traditional neon lights and LED neon is the material.

Traditional neon is composed of glass and gas. I heated glass tubes over an open flame and then hand bent them to the desired shape. Once shaped, they are then filled with an inert gas.

LED is a more recent technology that uses a more complex fabrication process to generate light through electricity. The tubing is made of a flexible material that is much safer than the traditional neon glass tubes.

Installation and energy consumption

Our LED Neon signs are really easy to install! They are lighter and sturdier than traditional neon signs.

They also use minor power! Neon tubes need a lot more volts than LED signs: 15,000 volts to run, while our LED signs only need 12 volts.

The cost savings for energy consumption vary but can be over 80%. It depends on brightness, the type of electrical transformer and other factors.

And last but not least, thanks to their low energy consumption, LED signs are much more eco-friendly compared to traditional neon signs 🌿


As mentioned above, traditional neon signs use high voltage and actual glass, so they can be dangerous when in areas where they may be touched or not properly secured. And over time, traditional neon signs can drip toxic gases.

In contrast, LED neon technology allows the sign to stay cool and safe to touch; and of course, does not use toxic gas. Therefore, it's much safer to use a LED neon sign for your shop, restaurant, home or even an event!


Both LED and traditional neon signs can run for a very long time depending on usage and environmental conditions. The lifetime of a sign is usually based on hours of glow, so the less you use them, and the better conditions you keep them in, the longer they will last.

Our products will let you enjoy your bright light design for about 30 years (5 hours a day at full intensity ~ 50,000 hours total)

The biggest difference here is the robustness in terms of breakage. As neon signs are made of glass tubes, they are very fragile and there is a risk of damage to the tube if mishandled. LED Neon is pretty much unbreakable. Like all great champions, our signs are robust!


Traditional neon is composed of glass and gas. LED neon is made of a flexible material that is much safer than traditional neon glass tubes. They are lighter and sturdier than traditional neon signs. LED neon signs is clearly the winners of this competition, of glass neon vs. LED neon.

LED Neon signs are a type of sign that uses LED lights instead of traditional bulbs. These signs are more energy-efficient and last longer than traditional signs. The exact power consumption is based on the size of the sign. For exact details on an individual sign, please speak with a member of our team.

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