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Revive Your Dull Neon Signs with These Expert Repairing and Restoring Techniques!

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Neon signs have a charm that can add character and pizzazz to any business or home décor. However, with time, even the sturdiest of neon signs can wear out, fade or break down. But, what if we told you that you don’t need to spend a fortune on buying a new sign? Wiring neon lights and restoring your old or even new neon signs is a simpler task than you might think!

Repairing and restoring a neon sign can be a daunting task, especially if you are not aware of the right techniques. The first step to making repairs more comfortable and profitable is to make a pattern from the remaining tube. This helps you determine if the unit is a mercury tube or neon tube and reduces the risk of unwanted smoke in the shop during tube heating and processing.

The repair process involves filling the tube with the original gas to produce the same colour tube. However, repairing a mercury tube requires special attention. If you detect mercury in the tube or electrodes, it's best to collect and store the contaminated mercury and then redo the entire tube to avoid potential liability.

To avoid damaging tube coating, it's essential to check the tube for vacuum. If the tube lights during the test, it remains under vacuum and cutting the tube will cause air to rush in. Thus, it's crucial to ease air into an evacuated tube by heating the sealed tubulation tip.

Mismatching tube diameters can affect the relative brightness of the repair, and using old electrodes can set up both the tube and you for failure. It's essential to use new electrodes as inexpensive insurance that the tube will process in the moral order and last a lifetime.

Once the tube is pumped and burned in, it's crucial to wipe off pencil marks and block out tube sections that were never meant to be seen lit. Neglecting these steps can provide a glowing example of why a customer should shop elsewhere for their next neon sign or tube repair. Additionally, the repairs should include the inspection of associated components like insulators, wiring, transformer and tube supports, electrode housings, chains, nuts, and bolts.

In conclusion, repairing and restoring old or new neon signs doesn't have to be an under-appreciated task. With the right techniques, it can be a profitable and fulfilling endeavour. So, revive your dull neon signs with these expert repairing and restoring techniques and give your business or home décor the charm it deserves!

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