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The Next Big Thing in Neon

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Are You Considering Jumping?
Go for it get on this gram fueled neon craze. Whether pastels or bright colours. You can get the fashion runway look delivered to your doorstep. Get a neon and start throwing vibrant coloured light around your room. It's something to behold.

As they grow in popularity, we've come up with some crazy ideas that you can try. Warning! They make neon lights an irresistible idea.

Get a neon and join the tend of neon madness. Not only does neon look great hanging from the wall, but they bring sophistication. Bright colours like pink and blues are popular. There's a whole palette of different you can experiment with.

Neon is like a tattoo but for your wall.
Choose from our collection or submit your own ideas and get a custom design.

How to decorate with neon lights in the interior

Are you looking to add some colour and interest to your home?

Do you want to light up an inspirational image or message that inspires you? This is an easy way to give your home a new look. You won't need to be handy with a paintbrush to make this decorators marvel. Neon style signs only take a few minutes to hang.

It'll surprise you to learn about all the neon light possibilities in a residential space.

You can also find neon-style signs for residential on our shop page. Take for example this sign "dream". These tend to cost around $300-$1500 depending on the size and complexity of the design.

The most common way to use neon lights.
Is with warm words that set the right tone

Let's stay home Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Here are some other neon sign ideas that would look great in living rooms or bedrooms:

Crazy in love Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Neon will give your bedroom the soft romantic glow your after. No more spilled wax or fire risk with candles this rooms going to glow with colour.

It's All In Your Head Neon Lights
As the photo above shows, this is the perfect setting for a playroom. But it could also work in relaxation areas and man caves.

Neon High Heel Custom Neon Sign | Neon Nights Auckland, New Zealand
Another great use for neon style lights is to add accent colours any that embellish items in the room.

Trat yourself yellow neon lights on a brick wall background
You can see in the photo above how you can use neon lighting on the wall.

Add a colourful glow under furniture with Neon Lights.

Neon under furniture
An example is a light shining under the cooking island in the photo above. Led lighting under cabinets is popular to add a hue of colour for a unique kitchen.

Soup of the day tequila neon sign colourful accent lighting bars and night clubs
You can make any wall speak the language of an interior designer with neon lights.

Good vibes only pink neon lights
Neon is so simple and gives a big impression. Emitting a stunning glow that will have you to turn off other lights. Enjoy the healing colour in the space

Now or never neon sign
Leave it classic, let it shine neon Hang up a quote or design that you love. These lights aren't only for pubs. You can bring the essence of New York, Tokyo or Paris home with you.

Neon Wedding Signs
Once you use the neon lights, you'll love keeping the neon lights.

Choosing neon designs
Create a futuristic playroom with neon lights
A more complex idea comes in the form of the playroom in the photo above. By adding vertical neon lighting, you can create a room that has a futuristic element.

This is a decision you won't regret. Once you switch on your neon, you're likely to keep neon in your home, so let's talk

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