How to Request a Quote for Exterior Signage Projects

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What You Must Know About Requesting a Quote for Exterior Signage Projects

Whether you’re in the early planning or construction stage of a new residential or mixed-use development or starting to think about a new sign (or signs for a new location) for a local business, at some point, you have to request a quote for that signage.

In order to take your sign ideas from early brainstorming sessions into installed signage reality, there’s a process called “budgetary reality.” It’s probably safe to say that requesting a quote – and getting estimates on signage projects – is nobody’s favourite part of the job.

At Neon Nights, we understand that – and we also know getting your signage quote right is a very significant part of our job.


How to Get a Reasonably Priced Quote on an Exterior Signage Project

Here are two critical things to understand about getting a reliable signage quote: The more information you can share about your signage plans, the more accurate your quote will be. And, you shouldn’t wait until you have all of the information to request a quote.

As soon as you request a quote, you will be able to:

  • Specify the location of your signage (hello, building and zoning codes)
  • Prioritize the message(s) you want your signage to convey
  • Know the approximate size and type of your intended signage
  • Have examples of signage that are similar to what you have in mind – OR –
  • Be willing to work closely with our design team to create something really unique

Sharing images of signs and illumination types you’d like for your project is helpful. Also, sharing your logo, colour, and other brand elements that will factor into the sign’s design. (You can upload 3 image files to our online quote form.)

While the list above applies to exterior signage more than to interior signage projects, we can begin the quote process for both interior and exterior signage projects online.

To begin a quote for an interior signage project, we will need the following information:


  • The building location
  • Building timeline, redevelopment/construction, and occupancy status
  • The number of floors, rooms, elevators, staircases, and facilities for identification signage
  • List of locations requiring special signage (e.g. lobby signage, signs for entry areas, parking garage, etc.)
  • Sign types desired. For example, a simple room number ID sign would be less expensive than a room sign with a window for a name and title.

Can you get an accurate signage quote online?

If you know exactly what you need, and that it meets your local codes, yes. Providing the most accurate quote for your signage project, however, is likely to be a somewhat iterative process because of the many “unknowns” that exist at the beginning of any project. As the details change it will affect the pricing for your job.

We often receive quote requests for signs that seem, at first, to be “cut and dried.” Then, upon learning a little bit more about the business, location, and local ordinances, we may suggest different materials, lighting techniques, or designs than the customer originally had in mind – all of which will affect the quote and final cost of the sign.

When estimating a sign project, there are literally hundreds of variables and even more possibilities to consider before making, and accepting, that final quote.

Along the way, we strive to provide the most accurate quote, in a timely manner, and at the same time, to deliver the very highest quality signage for our customer’s needs and budget. In fact, often the suggestions we make save our customers money or help them get “more signage for the money” than they originally expected.


What to Do When Your Custom Sign Company Is Taking too Long to Get You a Quote

Today, we’re going to be looking at what you should do when your custom sign company is taking too long to get you a quote. In this post, we’ll give you some helpful advice about what you should do if your custom sign company is taking too long to give you a quote.

What to Do if Your Custom Sign Company Is Taking too Long to Get You a Quote

If your custom sign company is taking too long in getting you that quote for signage that you have requested, here is what you should do.

Send a Reminder

Whether by email or by phone, sometimes a gentle reminder is all that is needed to get your quote. If that is the case, then a simple reminder could be all that is necessary to solve the problem.

Explore Your Options and Tell the Company You’re Doing So

If there hasn’t been a mistake or misunderstanding and the company simply hasn’t prepared the quote yet, then it would be a helpful idea to let them know that you are considering other options.

They are too busy

Another reason why your sign company is taking so long to get you a quote could be that they are too busy. This can be because they haven’t been able to get around to it. It’s not that they don’t think your business is big enough to make it a priority. Instead, they just don’t have the time to complete the quote. If you do end up accepting it, you’re probably paying much more than you should for the project. However, the sign company will probably make room for you because they will be making more money from you.

Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority

We have years of experience in the custom signage industry in New Zealand. Therefore, we can manufacture and install the appropriate sign no matter what design or type of sign you want. We strive to exceed industry standards by providing our clients with superior signage solutions through in-house custom design, fabrication, and installation.

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