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What is process to order a custom neon sign?

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  • Get in touch with your neon design idea
  • We’ll send you a mock-up and accept two free revisions, then finalise your design
  • We will send you an accurate quote
  • We ask for a 50% deposit prior to starting the production of your neon
  • We will send you photos of the completed sign
  • A balance needs to be paid in full before shipping to NZ
  • Your tracking number will be provided and your sign will arrive within 15 days (Big size signs may go with boat shipping and it takes over 1 month)

Order through our custom neon page, or if you prefer you can email our customer support team for help through the process.

Can Neon Nights help me with the design?

Yes, with our quote request form our design team can support you in translating your file format or completing your design, so it is ready for production.How do you make a custom neon sign? To make a custom neon sign, you will need to purchase a neon sign kit, which includes a power supply, a glass tube, and a bending tool. You will also need to purchase a design template or have a design created specifically for your sign. Once you have all the materials, you will need to follow the instructions included with the kit to assemble the sign. How are neon lights made? Neon lights are made by combining gas with metal. The gas is typically argon or neon, while the metal is typically lead or mercury. When electricity is applied to the gas, it ionizes the gas and creates a bright light. How are led neon lights made? LED neon lights are made by combining light-emitting diodes with a flexible, transparent material. The material is typically silicone, while the LEDs are mounted on a circuit board. When electricity is applied to the LEDs, they emit a bright light. How do you make neon designs? There are a few ways to make neon designs. The quickest and easiest way to request a quote. If you haven't got a logo, you may choose to work with your own designer to create something specifically for your sign. Once you have a reference image, contact us and, based on your notes, we with create a design and quote for your sign. How do you wire a neon sign? There are a few ways to wire a neon sign. After your purchase, which includes a power supply, You will connect your sign to the power supply and plug it into the outlet. Follow the instructions included in your package to hang your sign and light it up.

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