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LED Signs Boost: Insights from Foodservice Australia 2023

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The Foodservice Australia 2023 brought together some of the brightest minds in the food and hospitality industry. From chefs to restaurateurs, designers to recruitment experts, the event covered a range of topics related to the foodservice industry. One of the most significant themes that emerged during the event was the role of LED signs in enhancing the customer experience.

The event kicked off with Glenn Flood, a leadership trainer, welcoming the attendees to the conference. Mr. Suresh Manickam, the CEO of the Restaurant and Catering Association, provided an overview of the state of play in the industry. The speakers then took the stage to share their insights on how smart operators can leverage technology and artificial intelligence to maximize profits.

Fig Cakar, Lightspeed, Adam Theobald, Ordermentum, and Tim Kummerfeld, Foodie Coaches, discussed how operators can use technology to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. Bianca Dawson, AVC, Chief Training and Development Officer, and Ian Curley, Kirks Wine Bar, French Saloon, Ovolo group, Director of Exec Chef, then discussed recruitment challenges and how to be the place where everyone wants to work.

Ben Shewry, Attica, shared his personal journey and how he has built a world-renowned restaurant brand. The event also covered the topic of how chefs and farmers can work together for a better food system, featuring Julian Hills, Navi, Laura Skvor, Heirloom Provisions, and Stephen Nairn, Omnia, facilitated by Dani Valent.

Eleisha Gray, Eleisha Gray Design, and Belinda Clarke, Foodie Coaches, talked about how great design can impact what diners spend. The event also featured a panel discussion on how innovative restaurateurs are standing out from the crowd, featuring Ross Magnaye, Serai Kitchen, Peter Gunn, Ides Melbourne, and Merica Charungvat, Thai Tide, facilitated by Dani Valent.

Finally, the event concluded with a menu profits workshop with Ken Burgin, Foodie Coaches, where participants were encouraged to bring their menus and work on ways to make them more popular and profitable. Glenn Flood, Leadership Trainer, provided closing comments and a recap of the event.

Overall, the Foodservice Australia 2023 was an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to learn, network and share their experiences. The insights shared by the speakers emphasized the importance of technology, innovation, and creativity in driving growth and success in the foodservice industry.

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