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Looking to add a personal touch to your home or business?

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Looking to add a personal touch to your home or business? Custom neon signs are the perfect way to make a statement and express your unique style. With endless possibilities for customization, designing your own neon sign can be both exciting and overwhelming. But don't worry, we're here to provide some inspiration and guidance to help you create the perfect custom neon sign for your space.


First, think about the message you want to convey. Do you want to display your business name, a motivational quote, or a fun design that reflects your personality? Once you have a clear idea of the message, consider the font and colours that will best convey that message. A bold font with bright colours can be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, while a more understated font with muted colours can create a subtle yet stylish look.


Next, think about the placement of your custom neon sign. Do you want it to be the focal point of the room or a subtle accent piece? Consider the size and shape of the sign and the placement of other decor in the room to ensure that it complements the overall aesthetic. You can also experiment with different mounting options, such as hanging the sign on the wall or placing it on a shelf or table.


When it comes to design inspiration, the possibilities are truly endless. From inspirational quotes to custom logos, custom neon signs can be a reflection of your personal style and interests. Some popular design ideas include:


Business logos and names:

Custom neon signs are a great way to showcase your business and make it stand out.


Inspirational quotes:

Whether you're looking to motivate yourself or others, a neon sign with a powerful quote can be a constant reminder of your goals.


Fun shapes and designs:

Want to add a playful touch to your space? Consider a neon sign in the shape of a heart, star, or other fun design.


Personalised messages:

From your favourite song lyrics to a special message to a loved one, custom neon signs can be a unique way to express your feelings and add a personal touch to your space.


At Neon Nights, we specialise in creating high-quality custom neon signs that are tailored to your individual needs and style. With our user-friendly online design tool, you can easily create your own custom neon sign and bring your vision to life. So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your own custom neon sign today and let your creativity shine!

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