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QR codes set to replace Eftpos for the hospitality businesses. Here's the benefits you should be aware of

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Swap EFTPOS & Printed Menus for QR Codes & Customer Facing POS (ECOM site)

It is possible that QR codes could replace EFTPOS for hospitality businesses in the future. This would allow customers to pay for their purchases using their smartphones or another mobile device. Using QR codes would also allow businesses to track customer spending and better manage their inventory.

Why would you want to do this? Having an EFTPOS machine has an upfront cost and a monthly rental fee. Printed menus are expensive and customers confirming and paying orders from a smartphone means no staff are required at the counter. Apple & Google Pay are popular now and soon crypto payments will be cheaper and become more widely accepted by customers and vendors.

Some restaurants may find that QR codes improve their menus by making them more interactive and informative, while others may find that QR codes are simply a gimmick that adds nothing of value. Ultimately, it is up to each individual restaurant to decide whether QR codes are a worthwhile addition to their menus.

The 2 most practical options. These are ordering from the table or paying after a meal at the counter.

 1. Ordering from the table

QR codes replacing EFTPOS for hospitality businesses

From the table, scan the QR code, choose the menu items and confirm and pay your order. A server will deliver to your table.

a. Printed QR code.

When paying, the customer would scan a printed QR code.

Enter the amount the server asks for. See POS Screen for confirmation.

2. Paying after a meal at the counter

QR codes replacing EFTPOS for hospitality businesses

This is the best option for larger groups. When the bill is paid after your meal.

A server will take your order at the table. She will create the order on an iPad at your table or on the POS at the counter.

b. Digital QR codes

Your itemised order invoice is shown on a screen next to a QR code. The customer scans this QR code and pays the invoice. Digital QR codes can easily be split into part payments. The system generates unique codes each person has their own code to scan this makes splitting a bill easy.

After payment, they prompted the system to leave their email address, leave a review, and join the rewards program.

Unique menu codes for each table or pager. You give customers a pager or table number and ask them to scan the QR code to order.

They scan the unique QR code on the device or table to view the menu & order. Once your food is ready is delivered to the table number.

There are many benefits of digital over paper QR codes for restaurants. Digital QR codes are more difficult to forge, and they can be updated in real-time. This means that if a restaurant changes its menu, the QR code can be updated immediately, without having to reprint and distribute new paper codes. Digital QR codes can also be tracked, so restaurants can see how many people are scanning their codes and when. This information can improve the customer experience and target marketing efforts.

Long-range paging 

Are used systems to manage orders. Each pager could have a unique menu code. Orders made from that pager your pager will vibrate and you can collect food from our counter when it's ready.

Some benefits of long-range paging systems for restaurants may include increased efficiency and coordination among staff, less need for yelling or shouting across the restaurant, and the ability to page customers waiting for a table. Long-range paging systems may help to reduce noise levels overall, creating a more pleasant dining experience for customers.

Retekess Lang Range Paging System

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