What is neon flex and how is it different from traditional neon?

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At Neon Nights our signs are made using flexible neon unlike traditional neon (which is made of glass and filled with fluorescent gas), flexible neon tube is silicone tube filled with LEDs and glows just like the original. The flexible neon is bent to match your design and mounted on acrylic backing .

This means that Neon Nights make signs that are much safer for your home and near children, Flexible neon is safe to touch, does not heat up and is difficult to break. Flexible neon does not emit extraneous noise, uses a low voltage (12V) and consumes much less electricity.

The service life of this neon is about 40,000 hours. In addition, our neon products are much simpler both to installation and transport, they are absolutely not inferior to traditional glass neon either in the brightness of the glow or in the atmosphere, which makes them ideally suited for any interior installation - from classic to high-tech.

What are advantages of LED neon light signs compared with traditional glass neon signs?

  1. Affordability – Production cost is much cheaper than glass neon signs.
  2. Energy Efficiency – 12V low voltage signs are cheaper and silent to run.
  3. Safety – LED neon signs do not break like glass and get overheated.
  4. Easy installation – Wall mounting with screws or Hanging with fishing wire.
  5. Lightweight – LED flex is lighter than glass neon signs therefore they are easier to move and carry.
  6. Lifespan – LED neon light signs last longer than glass ones. Approximately 40,000 hours of use.


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