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Make Your Wedding a Neon Night with a Hot Green Backdrop

Make Your Wedding a Neon Night

November 5, 2021

Welcome to the topic Make Your Wedding a Neon Night with a Hot Green Backdrop.

Is your wedding ceremony decor cliche? Our neon decor ideas will bring a fun and vibrant touch to the celebrations.

In today’s world, millennials are tossing out the old ways of doing things and adopting some completely new ones. Neon colors are used throughout the event, from the photo booths to the cutlery. Everyone enjoys the novelty of neon-themed wedding decorations, especially when they’re colorful and eye-catching.

Neon sign with a hot green backdrop

A neon sign on the grass wall is the perfect backdrop for your special occasion, as a sign with greenery will provide the perfect contrast to make your unique wedding signage stand out.

Place your neon sign strategically to get the most money’s worth. Use shapes and phrases in your professional pictures, above the bar, on a floral wall, or in the background of your photo booth!

Anything that makes your wedding more unique and special for you is something that is adored. As a result, we’ve jumped on board the neon wedding sign bandwagon. They give your wedding personality a sense of history and a special touch.

Use a neon wedding sign to illuminate a flower wall. Incorporating these glowing signs as a reception welcome can help your reception feel more festive.

You can amp up your wedding using neon signs in a number of ways:

  1. Display your initials: Add a personal touch to your wedding with a neon sign that displays your initials. Adding a small sign like this to your wedding day decor is a great way to show off your love.
  1. Write your wedding vows: A romantic neon sign might serve as a gesture to your wedding vows and everlasting love. Even in broad daylight, the pink neon stands out against the lush backdrop.
  1. Wedding quotes: Walls of flowers are lovely, but greenery backdrops have a more lush feel to them. You can give a neon tribute to any wedding hashtags such as ‘I do’ by nestling the sign among the ferns and luscious greens.
  1. Wedding hashtags: In most cases, a neon sign contributes to accentuate the focal point of a photo booth, which is usually either a flowery wall or a statement backdrop. Weddings are well-known photo-op hotspots, and flashing a hashtag in neon lights will draw attention to your big day.

Why neon signs?

Neon wedding signs are not only super trendy right now, but they’re also very sentimental. When used at a rustic or classic wedding, neon wedding signs not only give off a joyful, up-all-night party vibe but also evoke feelings of nostalgia and retro fun.

It’s your wedding, so have fun with it and show off your personality! Cursive fonts have a sleek and whimsical feel, whereas all capital fonts are bold and distinct.

Going all out with the colors is part of expressing oneself. Choose from a variety of vibrant hues, ranging from emerald to fuchsia. When it comes to colors, you’ll discover that they look great against a variety of backgrounds.

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